We make the playing field level by providing access to ths same digital outlets in as many countries as
The Major Labels.

We also offer CD on demand
so there is no longer a need
for you to stockpile CD'S in
your basement. we handle
the pressing, packaging
and shipping

Our Artist Agreement does not
take any ownership of the artist
royalties, mechanical rights,
copywrites or publishing. we only
take a percentage of the sale of the titles you authorize us to distibute.
We have no monthly or annual fees for being with 'Asr Records Group. Upon joining our company we construct, program & host a Professional World Class On-Line
e-commerce store complete with
Artist Bio, and playlist of artist track
information all for a 1 time $25 feeand
we will continue to update that page
with no additional cost to you
as long as you remain with
'Asr Records Group

Your digital sales are tracked
by Neilson's Sound Scan just like
the Major Labels. We also have the ability
to nominate artist and releases to the
Grammys for consideration.

We use and endorse Pay Pal for All online
web store payment and artist dispursements so you know its safe, secure, robust and effective.
‘ASR Records is an Independent label specializing in music of all genres…from “Here to Yonder”.
Founded in 1995 by legendary Jazz artist, Ahmad Shahid Alaadeen and arts advocate, Fanny Dunfee to provide a professional music label for deserving recording artist talent in the Kansas City area, today the label has expanded its focus to include music of all kinds in the ‘ASR Records Group catalogue. Equally significant is the fact that ‘ASR Records was among the very first to pioneer and employ viable uses of 21st Century technologies in the tangible areas of product manufacturing, worldwide music distribution, global marketing and sales of recorded Jazz music.
Alaadeen was the initial founding artist on the label, and tested the market with his first commercial release titled, “Live Jazz on the Plaza”. Next came the highly successful recording, “Blues for RC and Josephine Too (ASR1001)”. That release was met with overwhelming critical praise by such established music industry publications as Jazz Times, Billboard Magazine, and the All Music Guide. Alaadeen’s band on this recording was even cited as Musician Magazine’s “Best Unsigned Band” by a distinguished panel of industry experts which included Jimmy Jam. Each of his CDs, which includes Blues For RC And Josephine Too, Time Through The Ages, New Africa Suite and And The Beauty Of It All, features him with top young jazz players.
Objectively speaking, the ‘ASR Records Group artists are among the most refreshing, original and creative musical talent today. They manage vibrant performing careers. This roster includes award-winning performers, composers and producers. Among these credits are: a Congressional Award, two GRAMMY® Awards, Broadway, Film and Television, various individual Songwriting and Composition Awards. They cover an artistic demographic that realizes a broad spectrum of talent, present a true diversity of world-class skills and completely span the modern era generations of music and consistently make noteworthy contributions in both, national and international arts arenas.
‘ASR Records is a Record Label for the 21st Century, offering traditionally manufactured CDs on-demand in unlimited quantities from our Music Store, and unlimited digital music downloads from all of the major Digital Music Stores. Our corporate offices are based in Kansas City - a place still known around the world as one of the main centers for producing unique artistic innovations. In addition to being an independent label 'Asr Records Group can act as a distributor for other aspiring label owners and operators.
Keep listening. Live history with us…
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