'ASR Records is an American Independent label specializing in music of all genres…from "Here to Yonder". Originally 'ASR Records was founded in 1995 as an independent Jazz record label by Kansas City award-winning legendary Jazz artist, Ahmad Alaadeen. Today the label has expanded its focus to include music of all kinds in the 'ASR Records Group catalogue and has secured strategic relationships with other industry firms in key areas of promotion, manufacturing and distribution. 

·The ‘ASR Records label does not loan money to artists to produce recordings, we empower artists to do business. Our agreement requires that all Signed Artists send a retail ready master recording, along with professional quality graphic artwork that meets our current CD-On-Demand graphic artwork templates, for each release to be entered into our CD-On-Demand Store.
·The ‘ASR Records label does provides access to digital downloads through our relationship with THE ORCHARD (formaly ioda).  Our label serves all of our Signed Artists as a significant global platform to reach viable business markets such as: the general consumer public, music licensing opportunities, and the professional mainstream music industry.
·Our agreement grants 'ASR Records at our sole discretion, a perpetual license to promote and sell all releases in our catalogue; the responsibility to distribute royalties and earnings to the owners of the copyrights; and, the right to exploit related music delivery technologies for these purposes as they become available in the future.
·We do not serve artists as a supplemental administrative support staff or management in any context or capacity.  Our artists are all independent producers who maintain their own separate organizations for that purpose.  So, please don't expect us to function like the major labels traditionally do with regard to artist issues.

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